BEAN🔹SPROUT // 1999. Sagittarius.

I’m 17 years old, a senior high school in Indonesia. I’m currently lost in my own world, considering myself an issue, an outcast, a foreigner, an alien against reality. Sometimes I liked to think that I’m created for another world. I easily dwell into prudent, heavy, and adventurous deep-conversation of life as the blog will reflect my thoughts and speaking my mind’s freely as a diary and companion.

Do you know a ‘beansprout?’ A beansprout is define as edible sprouting seeds of beans; a bean that has just started to grow; evolution of life by a single seed. Of course you must raise each seeds carefully in order to bring forth a profound living organism. The word is inspired and originated from singer IU’s “The Bean Sprout Song” (I’m a huge fan of her!). Based on the word, I wanted to share stories of  my own seed.

I really hope the blog will keep you all in company and enjoy my stories.

Thank you, enjoy! 🐥

Lysseliz, Indonesia