Joy Rides🎭

June 19, 2017

Too long I’ve been resting my last visit three years ago, and now it delivers back nostalgia of the amusement park, Fantasy World : Dufan.

You can’t find any Disneyland in Indonesia, but you can find a different fantasy. Although the best theme park isn’t nearby, Dufan is considerate one of the attractive parks featuring roller coasters, interactive rides, flumes and shows in North Jakarta. It’s overly expensive. The heat 🌋burning hot like fires, sweat dripping all over, and the restless number of visitors. It all seems as they peered their eyes👀 right at me. Their keen eyes glaring and pretended not to look, but their glances were all uncovered. Just in time the couple finally arrived after fifteen minutes late, we set off.

The first thing I notice was the briskly of happy and lively colors bound to set the atmosphere. The so-called “Happiest Place On Earth”?😃I doubt that. Although alluring and pretty, you can’t fight against an extreme grotesque heat, therefore I voted that it should be called “Almost Happiest Place On Earth”.

I admit that I wasn’t a big fan of thrilling rides accompanied with steep drops, sharp turn, a twist, loop, and heart-aching. I prefer to play it safe with the ferris wheel🎡, carousel🎠, tea cups spinning, water rollers and rafting. Nevertheless, I decided to make a go for it, and ends up enjoying the thrill.

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And finally, you can’t say no to water flume rides like Niagara🎢

Niagara, Now! Jakarta

4 thoughts on “Joy Rides🎭

  1. That looks like so much fun! I especially love the water all around the park. At least you have good weather now. We, in Czech Republic, just experienced the worst thunderstorms in history! Or at least it looked like it.
    I personally don’t go to the amusement parks because.. you know.. people. Too much people 😁

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    • Yes, it was pleasing with the winds and burning temperature, I sweat a lot! But, hey! Thunderstorms, are you sure, was it recent?
      Although amusement parks are not the ideal place for us introvert, I will still recommend you to ride one and make it a story in your blog too! You need to experience the thriller of rides, steep drops, and keen turns that will terrify you greatly 😈😈

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