Grease Live! (2015)

June 10, 2017

It was supposed to be the big day for everyone at school. A performance by 11 Social on the movie Grease Live! and 11 Science on the movie Into The Woods. Three days before the play, something terrible happened.

#1. The Beginning

I recalled back everything. It was after the Student Council finishes Sport Day. We assembled in room 504 and waited. We waited until the air gets heavier with nothing left but a single hope. The practices, the routines.. I’ve noticed the carefree-small progress we made in comparison with 11 Science’s preparation. A bad omen.

#2. My Role & Responsibilities

I was in charge of Sound Designer, a volunteered job and also a primary job. Aside from this role, I was also chosen as a cast of the Angels singing Beauty School Dropout, another cast as a female Coach Calhoun, and finally one of the cheerleader girls. Our class have limited members, some of us were multi-tasking about it. I don’t mind adding another effort once I received the job, I know the main casts must work twice harder than me. The director though, commented that my role wasn’t anything important and replaceable. Perhaps what she’s saying is truly undeniable, but I don’t want to hear such insulting words coming from an unorganized, irresponsible, slacking leader.

#3. A Positive Review

First, I was able to gain a positive experience by collaborating with a studio in arranging our musical recordings. 🎤🎧Second, I was able to enjoy the music and choreography of several songs such as Grease Lightning, Sandy, All I need Is An Angel. Third, I’m grateful that I watched one of Into The Woods’s practice where I was awfully awed by Steven’s stunning performance👨(as Jack) singing Giants In The Sky. I heard he was most passionate and motivated about the whole concept, and because of him, I was able to enjoy the song that I didn’t like before.

#4. The Regrets

The decision was made based on a referendum after Into The Woods‘s self-proclaimed their show’s cancellation. There could be another argument between majority and minority, but we were outvoted by the amount of members who were affected by Into The Woods cancellation along with the incident.

At that time, I regret a life of decision.

  • I regret that I had to rely on the director to speak up when we had the chance.
  • I regret that I did not stand up for myself
  • I regret that I did not keep watch over Jack’s tremendous act beforehand
  • I regret that I wasn’t attentive to other’s roles and responsibilities

A decision remains a decision. We follow.  The director, shocked of the news, burst out crying as her emotional breakout reveals the deeper feelings of the other three.

And finally, our main casts..



To Readers :

Please do not make the same mistake as I did. You’ll regret it for sure.

If there’s anything you want, please speak up for yourself, don’t rely on others to speak up for you.

Even if your persuasion fails to reach them, at least you did something, right?

The best-possible scenario, they are willing to listen, and because of you, they are inspired to try once again.

They learn the moral lesson of :

“Don’t give up”

And finally,  stop blaming.



3 thoughts on “Grease Live! (2015)

  1. Such a coincidence! I was actually looking for the “Crystal Forest” poem couple of days ago. I love how it was carrying on throughout the post.
    No need to worry, everything will come back to “your reality” quickly. After all, thinking about the real reality of this world brings everyone anxiety every time.
    “Find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart.”

    Liked by 2 people

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