Drama Disaster

What was it like if your hard work is finally paid off? And how do you feel if you don’t? On June 10, 2017, we were supposed to perform a drama musical based on the movie Grease Live! Three days before the play, something terrible happened..

We all live up with our own expectations and goals in life, each with varied experiences and options chosen, but of course when it all comes down to a choice, the unpredictable remains unpredictable.

How many years was it since I last performed on stage? I couldn’t remember precisely, but it was junior high. I thought we’re all committed into a union, but I was wrong. It’s all part of management, to manage and distribute your team members adding up to your individual roles and responsibilities, making sure the props and decoration suits the budget and does not exceed unless we own alternatives, it’s all part of a constructive and routine work of leadership. However, some people have not own it yet.

My role and responsibilities

Although I’m not part of the main casts of the performance and volunteered in charge of Sound Designer, I was also given other acting roles. I was chosen as a member cast of one of the Teen Angels, a female Coach Calhoun, and a member of the cheerleader. Simply, I had no complaints at all, because I can handle all of them, besides the main casts have more dialogues, my pile of duties are nothing compared to them. The director though, commented that my role wasn’t anything important and is replaceable. Perhaps what she’s saying is undeniable, but those words actually hurt me a lot, yet it made me grew stronger.

As a team of one class, the progress sleekly goes, many with lack motivation and skip practices, regulations left unsecured. We had almost a year preparation, but the decision of practice begins during the last minute of the upcoming event. Everyone’s anxious and mortified as we go on acting. Most complaints, others jabbered. It was a huge disaster.

Honorable mention

It made me recognized the community and psychology of each class and members, and I enjoyed the moments of our practice despite the pressure. I was completely awed by Steven’s performance singing Giants in The Sky (Into The Woods) and Rowan’s pure solo singing in Sandy. I did like to reward myself for staying patient, but its nothing compared to any director’s suffering. I regret a lot ,judged by my own deeds.



It’s better if you’re able to speak for yourself when other team members do not have the courage. Even if persuasions fails to reach them, at least you did something. From all the argues of members, I understand what it means that define : stop blaming others of their mistakes.


3 thoughts on “Drama Disaster

  1. Such a coincidence! I was actually looking for the “Crystal Forest” poem couple of days ago. I love how it was carrying on throughout the post.
    No need to worry, everything will come back to “your reality” quickly. After all, thinking about the real reality of this world brings everyone anxiety every time.
    “Find it in your mind’s eye and feel it in your heart.”

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