Showbiz Baper RCTI

Most people think of television programs as a promotional, a forced-entertainment reviewed from scripts to create a variety drama within an hour, but this is hardly true. The highlight product of a program contribute with real variety concept from casts and guests following up a new theme. For instance, inviting high school students to participate in a game show.

RCTI is one of Indonesia’s television network leading broadcasting station. In their program called Baper, is a game show that plays on your brain temptation with quizzes and mini games to enhance your soft skills such as memory, concentration, and teamwork. It’s a competition between groups of high school and artists, that is SMA Saint Peter vs SMA Plus Pembangunan Jaya.

They invite elected 50 students as school representative to participate in the program on May 5th, 2017.

I didn’t join the activity, I could not participate even if I wanted to. Instead, I stalks and gain information about this news as I watched the live streaming on air.

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To be honest with you,

I feel a bit awkward and peculiar watching my own friends on air. On the other hand, it was amusing.  You can’t help but living to expectations on small foolish deeds your friends are. Thank you everyone, you’ve worked hard promoting the school.

A compliment to RCTI : Thank you for such whimsical moment. I especially love your studio, it’s very vivid and vibrant. The patterns of polka dots in baker-miller pink and blue lagoon awed me. The floors were clear tint and hued with brands.



2 thoughts on “Showbiz Baper RCTI

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry you were not able to make it! You would enjoy it, unlike me, I would never go to something like this. I’m too shy 😀 Though, I would sure die from laughter from seeing my friends in TV. So awkward, yet fun.
    I also want to ask what is on your new profile picture? Looks like fun 😁

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    • I apologize for replying now… The MC was great and keeps the team stable, still I could sense a few level of awkwardness. The profpic you asked, nah.. It’s just a ferris wheel, I’d like to give credits to the photographer!


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