A Call of Silence

Often referred as PERJUSA or Saturday Camping, the school are obliged to hold camps in regards to Indonesian Scout Movement. This year’s trip is located in the National Park, Mount Halimun Salak, West Java, the mountain predicted to hold various paranormal mysteries, that until today it remains concealed. 

I woke up one morning after a delayed day of tour, slightly buzzing on today’s adventure hauling up missing duties and catching up with my friends. The journey was a severe mileage, traffics everywhere, and the school driver loses his way to campsite. My knees tickled pink with hiking up the Queen’s Crater was my top priority to sign up. Time catches up and the opportunity fades away, by the time I arrived they’ve already gone and arrived at its peak.

Waiting for the arrival of my friends, I stood and was overjoyed, blemished by the relishing beauty of the mountain. I’ve really grown fond of it. The vibrant and hue landscape were artistic, all of your five sense are inhabited, the wind brushing down my cheeks, the singing birds across the mist, fogs as dreadful as ever, all together makes up an incredible call of silence.

The trees rising like beanstalk, employing a wide rage of Pinus Merkusii, Altingia Excelsa, and pineapple trees.


The campsite

Although I’d voluntarily get lost in the mountain, the wild is never a hundred percent save for human beings to roam. Adding up to its paranormal issues on lost travelers, people screaming for help, the mystery who an old woman, there are wild boards, venomous insects, rampaging reptiles, and tigers roaming, uncage. It was fortunate nothing happened to us, but the signs are perceivable.


By the time everyone arrived after a hike of a total 8 km distance, as part of the Student Committee, we decided to hold a celebration to Earth Day and plant a total of 30 colossal trees with a slight competition of artistic marks on decoration and photograph.

perkemahan 2017_170429_0013

After stepping off the stage, we got to see sunset followed with a dinner buffet served and campfire of yell-yell performing arts. Each group reminiscing our individual experiences with a scout ceremony, the fire that holds up to the sky and branches falling and burning fiercely.



Dawn rises and vexing siren alarms evoke our sleepyheads to begin another scout adventure, traveling the hills of the campsite while “tested”. It’s incredibly tiring and we have barely enough time to rest, it was.. two hours. Joined with the morning sunrise, we exercised a bit and gathered up our supplies off our tents, ready to go home.

By the end of the day, we held a final ceremony.

perkemahan 2017_170429_0036



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