[#3 Blog] 2 Days 1 Night, Scout Camp

A Scout Camp 2 Days & 1 Night occupied in National Park, Mount Halimun Salak. A school program dedicated to enhance scout appreciation and patriotism. The program involves Dasadarma, Pancasila (+Bhineka Tunggal Ika), UUD’1945, PBB.

I’m fond of natural environment. I’ve always enjoyed the exquisite scenery once you feel breathing air at the peak. I enjoyed the sounds of singing birds, the livelihood of biotic creatures wandering around the woods. A day lost in the mountain. A challenge against the wilderness. A precaution against paranormal (who knows the toilet might be haunted).

Green… It’sย  green! Nothing more but greens and browns!

The mountain was worth the adventure of a young hobbit. It should have been 3 days 2 nights, but I could not only joined in Day 2. The other day they received presentations, workshops, theory test, and that day they went hiking to Queen’s Crater (Kawah Ratu Gunung Salak).



In accordance conforming Earth Day (back on April 22), the student council decided to hold a special occasion of planting trees up the hill growing them as high as a beanstalk. The forestry on the mountain such as Pinus Merkusii,ย Altingia, Excelsa, andย Pineapple Trees are most commonly found.

That day was the day, where I’ve seen the most beautiful constellations and sunrise. By night it fall, millions and thousands of stars glinting around the sky followed by a served buffet, group performing arts (yell-yell) and a campfire. Wavering lights multiplied than the numbers I’ve seen before.





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