As Small as Thumbelina

A relation to female protagonist Tiny Thumb Elina, a girl with a size as big as your thumb, but heart as strong as yours, or perhaps… stronger.

The story of Thumbelina varies to a couple of its scene as we proceed. Her name was originally called Little Tiny or just Tiny Tiny, where I believed the authors tend to provoke midgets, don’t they? Thumbelina is one of the most peculiar fairy tale stories of my childhood, despite its global themes and morality towards the effects of public distinction, greed, and teaching of manners around the neighborhood.


Thumbelina is not a fairy (unless she has an untold background story like how Tinkerbell gets her wings). Overall, she’s sweet, generous, and a sweetheart, but all of this is nothing compared to her insecurity of being “different”, “small”, “lonely”, and “ugly” as the insulting words of various creatures attemping to kidnap her. Like a damsel in distress, I too can sympathize with her condition. 

I’m awfully small, bony, and scrawny since birth, I do not know what had become of my gene to make me feel this way, but at least I’m healthy. I’m easily offended when people began to compare my appearance (my small stature) and how often I feel completely different, like Thumbelina, we experienced the same insecurities. 

Yet, she managed to pull it off together and was comforted. 


At the end, the young fairy prince came to her rescue from all those dreadful child-transporting and we still don’t know for sure whether she ends up with a morally good prince or not. Either way, she managed to get her hands on a bucket full. Besides the prince and her unwavering love towards her mother and home, there’s also a deep bond between her and the bird savior. 

Somewhat a bond attached, trust, comfort, and a friend. The image of this relation is how I wanted for in a companion, and also, as a companion myself. 

[ Lesson ] :

It’s important to stay true to yourself than wishing upon stars to be someone you’re not, and retain your kindness. It’s a gift. No matter how shitty or rude people reacts to you. 

Truthfully, it’s a bit difficult for me to show kindness to people or creatures who did ever kidnapped me or forcefully instructed like her’s. 


2 thoughts on “As Small as Thumbelina

  1. I haven’t heared about Thumbelina for ages! I’m trying to be as kind and as easygoing as I can around people from school, but sometimes it’s not even worth the effort when they don’t even care and appreciate. Plus, the introvert and incredibly shy person as I am, being easygoing is just not my thing. But how else you make friends, right?

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    • YES! It’s true that many doesn’t care about small act of kindness, regardless it’s still worth it. I too do not know why I had to choose Thumbelina of all fairytales, it just hit my head as I start writing one. Like you, I too have difficulties making friends. Worse, tomorrow I had to join a 10-days training event in a national school (it’s actually for competition purposes, and I’m acting as a representative). However, I’m currently shaking and trembling hard, just imagining how I could survive crowds of unknown 50 participants. It’d be nice if we have telephaty or media small talks, don’t you think? All my friends simply said, “Just make friends”. Those words made me more reserved..

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